K-12 Service-Learning Game: InterroBang

Students of all ages really enjoy developing skills that they can use immediately in the real world. Read below about a  socially-networked, problem-solving, service-learning game for K-12 students that is being recommended by the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse.  This looks like a great early summer activity!

InterroBang is a socially-networked, problem-solving, service-learning game in which K-12 students complete missions in the real world — an extension of the Smithsonian’s online conference “Problem Solving with Smithsonian Experts.” InterroBang players and experts award points for completed missions based on a problem-solving rubric. Supported by Microsoft and with input from the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse.

Check it out at www.playInterroBang.com.

Via: Resource Center | www.nationalservice.gov/resources | 800-860-2684 | resourcecenter@etr.org