U.S. Citizenship Lessons

Welcome to my LVCA student! We will practice our English and learn about US citizenship with two scheduled 1-hour sessions over Zoom every week.

Preparing for the Interview & TestsInterviewCivics TestReading & Writing Test
Official USCIS YouTube Video Series

Unit 1: U.S. Government and Civics

Lesson #TOPICN-400 PART
1Introduction to the N-400 & 100 Civics QuestionsParts 1&2
2Principles of American Democracy (1)Part 3
3Principles of American Democracy (2)Parts 4 & 5
4The Legislative Branch (1)Part 6
5The Legislative Branch (2)Part 7
6The Executive Branch (1)Part 8
7The Executive Branch (2)Part 9
8The Judicial BranchPart 10
9Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens (1)Part 11
10Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens (2)Part 12, 1-5
11Review & Unit 1 Test

Unit 2: U.S. History & Integrated Civics

Lesson #TOPICN-400 PART
12U. S. GeographyPart 12, 6-9
13Colonial North AmericaPart 12, 10-15
14Declaring Independence & the American Revolution (1)Part 12, 16-21
15Declaring Independence & the American Revolution (2)Part 12, 22-29
16Writing the U.S. Constitution (1)Part 12, 30
17Writing the U.S. Constitution (2)Part 12, 31-36
18The 1800s: Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War (1)Part 12, 37-43
19The 1800s: Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War (2)Part12. 44-50
20The 1900s – Present (1)Part 13
21The 1900s – Present (2)Part 14 & 15
22American Symbols and HolidaysPart 16 & 17
23Review & Unit 2 Test
24Preparing for the Interview and Tests
25Taking the Oath of AllegiancePart 18
************************* SPECIAL LESSONS ******************************
*Thanksgiving– An American Feast
*Beginning and Intermediate English Conversation*
*You must have the book for these lessons.
* English /Mandarin Study Sheets by Zheng Wang

As a volunteer tutor with Literacy Volunteers of Charlottesville/Albemarle, I am following a USCIS Sample Curriculum in preparing this index of Citizenship Classes that follows the order of the parts of the N-400 Naturalization Form, however our class schedule may not necessarily follow in this order.

Note: This is a personal tutoring website, but all are welcome to use it. Please remember though, that any website is always a work in progress, so pages and links may change at any time. ~RuthK

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