I still love word clouds!

I created at this new word cloud recently at https://wordart.com/ for my Live & Learn!  blog.

I have been fascinated with the Web since my first glimpse in 1995. The information flow on the Internet is so incredible, but the Web is also such a perfect fusion of art and science.  The Web has entranced  me even more after my first realization that data could be made “beautiful,” and I welcomed Wordle with great enthusiasm.

Below is a post from the creator of Wordle .  What a wonderful blend of art and science!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wordle as “Beautiful Visualization”

O’Reilly has a nifty series of books on “beauty” in technology. Editor Julie Steele asked me to contribute a chapter about Wordle to the book on Beautiful Visualization. If you’re a visualization fanatic, then you may want to go buy a copy (for which all royalties go to Architecture for Humanity). However, if you’re merely curious about how Wordle came to be, or how it works, you might enjoy this PDF of Beautiful Visualization, Chapter 3: Wordle.

Posted by Jonathan Feinberg at 4:34 PM

via Wordle Blog: Wordle as “Beautiful Visualization”.

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