The Low Tech Way to Show Youtube Movies in School – from Creating Lifelong Learners

This sounds like a simple answer to a vexing problem! Thanks to Mathew Needleman of Creating Lifelong Learners for this handy tip! Visit his blog for lots of great ideas for teaching with technology.

The Low Tech Way to Show Youtube Movies in School

May 26th, 2010

By request, I’m posting the steps to showing youtube movies in class the “low tech” way. For those with the technological know-how, I prefer using the firefox plugin “Download Helper” or a site like, however, this is for teachers with little tech know-how and a laptop. Of course, all of these methods are designed to get around district blocking of youtube. If youtube is not blocked in your district, there is no need for any of these.

1. Visit from home on your laptop.

2. Load a youtube movie that you want to show in class. (You can also load multiple movies in multiple movies)

3. Make sure the movie completely loads, by watching the red bar on the bottom of the movie.

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