Volunteer for JABA FISH

Our lives are changing now! For years my favorite Volunteer AND Lifelong-Learning activity in Charlottesville has been my time as a FISH Mentor and Sponsor of an after-school Scratch and CS First coding club at a local elementary school. I am very happy that the JABA FISH ( Friends in School Helping) program has moved online through Zoom!


FISH Mentors

FISH (Friends in Schools Helping) is a JABA intergenerational program that connects nurturing adults with students in need of individualized attention.

FISH has moved the platform online until further notice, facilitated through Zoom. Training is offered to new and current volunteers on strategies to use when mentoring and on the Zoom platform itself. Parents are asked to watch a short video on the role of their FISH volunteer.

Call 434.817.5226 to learn more about becoming a FISH volunteer or requesting a mentor.

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