Volunteer for JABA FISH

Our lives are changing now! For years my favorite Volunteer AND Lifelong-Learning activity in Charlottesville has been my time as a FISH Mentor for ELL students in addition to sponsoring an after-school Scratch and CS First Coding Club at a local elementary school. Some of the ELL students have turned out to be some of the best and most enthusiastic coders. Learning coding is essentially mastering a new language – all in a day’s work for our young people learning English!

Did you know that the JABA FISH ( Friends in School Helping) program has moved online through Zoom? I am so grateful that JABA has given me this opportunity to volunteer from home during the pandemic and beyond!

FISH (Friends in Schools Helping) is a JABA intergenerational program that connects nurturing adults with students in need of individualized attention in a classroom or Zoom setting. Call 434.817.5226 to learn more about becoming a FISH volunteer or requesting a mentor. There may be a wait list for new volunteers.

My Current FISH Topics