More About Classroom Blogging – this from Mathew Needleman of Creating Lifelong Learners

I first found this blog when searching for resources for the Open Court Reading series.  I was further drawn by the name of the blog, Creating Lifelong Learners, since lifelong learning has been an interest of mine for a number of years. Now I find that Mathew Needleman has devoted one of his final research papers in his graduate work to the merits of classroom blogging. We sure have a lot of common interests!

The Case for Blogging in the Classroom

My blogging output has certainly suffered as I’ve been finishing up my last semester of graduate school. I’ll be all done December 5th when I take the comprehensive exam to receive a masters degree in Education Policy and a California Administrative Credential. I thought I might combine my blogging and my graduate work by sharing one of my final research papers, an article on blogging’s role in the school community. I make the case for blogging on three fronts:

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