Quarantine Fun

Ruth Kastenmayer

I am a retired webmaster and instructor in web design and development. I love to code!

A Time for Making!

One thing I can say about this covid-19 quarantine: It sure gives us plenty of time for learning new skills and and making new stuff!

In 1995, I learned that I could actually MAKE webpages that everyone in the world could see, and my life was changed forever.  Just imagine – a hobby where the tools and products do not take up any space at all, indeed a hobby so portable that I told my kids, “if I ever move to assisted living, please make sure that it has Internet access!”

Well, here I am at the Colonnades, a senior living community in Charlottesville, and I do have Internet access and several electronic devices. I will use this 2020 found time to learn more about image editing and the WordPress 2020 theme. I will also continue learning about drawing in Scratch 3.0, and working in Tinkercad and Fusion 360 to practice new 3D drawing, modeling, prototyping and printing techniques in order to design more custom knitting looms as well as some decorative items for gifting.

Suddenly, the quarantine for thoseof us at highest risk does not seem so bad. Time flies when you are having fun!

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