Lesson 24

Preparing for the Interview and Test

Preparing for the Interview & TestsInterviewCivics TestReading & Writing Test
Official USCIS YouTube Video Series
Watch: USCIS Video: Preparing for the Interview and Tests
Understand directions you may be given at the interview and test.
Understanding Commands Flashcards
Understanding Commands Practice Exercise
***** LVCA US Citizenship Book *****
INTERVIEWWatch: USCIS Video: Interview
Prepare for some informal talk and questions:
Small Talk and N-400 Parts 1-11 Questions
N-400 Part 12 Questions

Practice questions and answers from your N-400 form:
N-400 Questions
N-400 Have/Did/Were You Ever … Questions
N-400 Loyalty Questions

Test yourself with these self tests:
Vocabulary for the Naturalization Interview – Self Test 1
Vocabulary for the Naturalization Interview – Self Test 2
CIVICS TESTWatch: USCIS Video: Civics Test
Practice reading and answering all 100 Civics Questions.
100 Civics Questions, No Answers
US Map with Capitals
Famous Americans – No Answers
Federal and State Officials
Civics Practice Test
READING & WRITING TESTSWatch: USCIS Video: Reading & Writing Test
Sentences for Practicing Reading and Writing
Practice Sheet for Reading and Writing Test
Reading TestPractice reading all Reading Vocabulary words.
Reading Word Strips
Writing TestPractice writing all Writing Vocabulary words.