Lesson 2

Principles of American Democracy 1

Civics Test Questions,
Reading/Writing Vocabulary
Civics Test Questions,
USCIS Handout
Your Government and You
VideosUSCIS Video: Learn & Explore / Government Basics
Grammar/Reading/WritingLVCA Video: LVCA Reading and Writing Passages
Cambridge Ventures Arcade: Level2, Units 1&2 Present Continuous and Simple Present
Cambridge Ventures Arcade/Citizenship: Government
Speaking/UnderstandingPractice Civics Questions For This Lesson
N-400 Part,
USCIS Handout
Part 3 – Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities and/or Impairments.
Civic Engagement
Digital LiteracyTrustworthy websites: LVCA & USCIS Study for the Test, for example

Lesson 2 Study Sheet