Lesson 1

Introduction to the U.S. Naturalization Process

How to Apply for US CitizenshipUSCIS 10 Steps to Naturalization
USCIS Naturalization Eligibility Worksheet
LVCA Citizenship Process
IRC (International Rescue Committee, Charlottesville)
Civics Test QuestionsView 100 Civics Questions
VocabularyReading Vocabulary
Writing Vocabulary
Grammar/Reading/WritingCambridge Ventures Arcade
Speaking/UnderstandingFind a partner and practice 100 Civics Questions.
N-400 PartView N-400 Form
Parts 1&2: Information About Your Eligibility/ Information About You
USCIS Video:
LVCA Video: LVCA N-400 Session 4 Updated Spring 2022
Civic Engagement
Digital LiteracyIntroduction to Digital Tools Used in Course: Citizenship Resource Center | USCIS, MyUSCIS